About us

Mountain Tea Company founded in 2000, produces-cultivates, packages and distributes-exports Greek Mountain Tea to Europe, Asia, America and Australia. We own and manage every phase of the production of our tea.

Starting by placing seed into the soil at a predetermined depth, being also present at the seedling stage we harvest our plants, we package our tea, and we distribute it to our customers around the world. Managing the whole process from inception to delivery, Mountain Tea Company warranties the quality of our product.

Although our headquarters are located in Athens, company’s warehouse and the mountain tea areas are located in Greece, on the Greek mountain called “Othrys” (County of Magnesia). Our mission is to bring the flavors of Greece all around the world!


Aims and Objectives
Our current short-term goal is to further promote our product to tea fans, potential customers and investors, which will support our long-term goal of making " Mountain Tea Company " a leading brand in the international tea market. In order to attract people from all over the world to taste our products, we have developed a well-organized online store contracting at the same time international wholesalers as well as tea shop chains.

Company’s long-term objective is also to develop our own retail boutiques offering to our customers apart from a high quality product a unique shopping experience as well. 

Our Philosophy
Mountain’s Tea Company mission is to bring our customers closer to what matters to them the most: “nature”, and familiarize consumers with a healthier way of life.

Our interest is not only to help people develop healthy diet habits, but also to inspire awareness and gratitude for the environment -what we call “mother nature”- and further develop peoples’ environmental concerns and interests with respect to environmental health issues.

Furthermore, company’s long term goal is to develop in-depth brand knowledge establishing our business identity and creating brand recognition among consumers and against the most renowned and thus respectful competitors in the bio-food industry.

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