Cultivation of our Greek Mountain Tea

Cultivation mountain teaOur tea is produced with a great respect to the organic drying methods in order to perfectly secure nutritious values and fragrances. The whole cultivation process contains many hours of hand work:
From January to April we remove the plant’s weeds one by one. This is a quite difficult and demanding procedure
From May to June we start harvesting our mountain tea. At this time the job becomes way too hard in order to meet the times of harvesting which means succeed to harvest the tea while it is on its best condition in terms of flavors, oil content and medical value. This procedure demands a lot of working hours per day in order to obtain the plant’s “bests”.




mountain tea plantsAfter harvesting, we keep cleaning the plants from left weeds, always following the traditional drying methods. Local tradition requires to get the mountain tea dry keeping it into dark and worm environment for about 5 to 10 days. Immediately after the previously described procedure we gather the dried tea and we pack it in uncut bundles 35 cm. Of course we have packages with broken bundles which are easier to be used in some occasions.